When I was a kid, the words “move” and “God” were often paired in such a way that fear and conformity were the desired responses. I grew up in a cult that was built on stripping it’s members of identity, uniqueness, and worth. It was understood that God moved through people, and the expected result was conformity, silence, and fear. God’s work = conformity, silence, and fear.

Oddly, my journey through adulthood has been different. There are different words I would now use to describe God’s move in people. And God does move.

Have you ever been moved deeply by a piece of music? Have you ever had a book speak to your soul? Have you watched a movie that stirred something inside you?

pexels-photoWhat is that stirring inside? I’ve felt it. I’ve been afraid of it. I’ve been afraid of the parts inside me dancing. Of the moving that occurs. Sometimes, I talk about how deeply something moved me, and then I avoid it for fear that it’ll happen again. I confess I’ve only read my favorite novel twice. The fear of the movement it produces is real.

Yet, when I allow myself to be moved, when I open my heart to the stirring, I’m changed. I experience Joy. I see new horizons. My whole view of life pauses, inhales, and shifts.

C.S. Lewis described this as joyA far green country is how J.R.R. Tolkien described it. I see it as redemption.

Is it possible that God is redeeming us through music? Art? Literature? People? Could the artist use the art to make all things new? Could identity, uniqueness, and worth be shaped through God’s movement? Could the stirring in your soul be redemption?

I think so.

Your Story

Personal. Your story is a picture of you. A moving picture. An interactive experience.

Co-creatingYou are writing your story, even as it is written by something outside of you.

Hands on. You guide your life. Shape it. Move it. Make it.

Hands off. Tragedy happens. Loss of control breaks the illusion that you have control.

Other. Something outside of you is involved in your story.

Encounter. The divine can be perceived. Felt. Experienced.

Breathed. You give life to your dreams. Your hopes. Even as life is given to you.

Not alone. Whether through people, art, nature, beauty, logic, or soul. The divine becomes personal.

Grace. Not explainable. Just there. Love without limits. Your wilderness is not dispelled. It is surrounded.